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Goal Alignment
Employee retention and engagement
Conflict resolution training
Career path development and succession management

Hiring the right talent - Hiring the right talent is vital to any organization in today's economy. This program helps our clients recognize the costs, penalties and setbacks they face when a wrong hiring decision is made. It is equally important to develop a proper job analysis, description and position profile each and every time you have a vacancy. By enhancing strategic communication skills that are essential for managers and recruiters, we help our clients develop and employ fair and consistent interview practices when selecting employees, effectively interview difficult applicants and manage generational gaps during the interview process. At the conclusion of this program, clients will have a clear understanding of employment and basic human rights laws and how they affect the hiring and interview process. Clients will also be able to separate the contenders from the pretenders by using traditional, behavioral, and situational and achievement oriented interviewing techniques, as well as other creative ways to get the information needed to make an informed hiring decision. Contact us for more details

Set and reach aggressive goals – The reason why there are numerous time management, goal setting, and defeating procrastination workshops and materials out there is simple; There is NO one size fits all solution. It's like reading a book on financial management or weight loss, there are so many to choose from and each one is saying something different. In order to set and reach aggressive goals and get them accomplished, you need a personalized program for you, your organization and associates. We assist our clients in identifying and understanding their personal effenciency, attitudes and skill sets. We help you identify, develop and manage information and tasks into small manageable chunks so that you can see the progress and end results. One of the most overlooked obstacles in setting and achieving goals is the ability to know when to say "NO", properly delegate tasks to others, and create SYSTEMS that will allow you to set, reach goals and manage the loads of information that crosses your desk each day. At the end of this experience, you will effectively be able to set short, intermediate, and long term goals and align them into your personal and organizations visions and missions. As a result of setting and achieving aggressive goals, clients will also be able to have less stress and a better work/life balance. Contact us for more details

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Decrease workplace conflict and turnover – This program is for anyone who desires to learn the five most common used conflict resolution styles, when and how to use them, build stronger staff, boost morale, and become more confident in your ability to manage conflict and reduce turnover. One thing we all know is that when you combine individuals with different communication styles, backgrounds and values we will have some conflict. There are many ways to prevent and handle conflict. The first thing you must realize is that conflict is not always negative. In fact, there are times when conflict will bring individuals closer together and help build cohesiveness. A great way to minimize conflict is through proper planning, communication, and a strong desire to face and deal with it. Most of you who avoid conflict do so because you want to be liked by all. Our conflict resolution coaching programs will provide you with the necessary tools to identify and understand conflict while developing a climate of trust, shared goals, and problem solving amongst your team. Contact us for more details

Increase your organizations bottom line – People are at the forefront of any organization. When an organization wants to increase its bottom line, the leaders at the top must first find positive ways to motivate and increase its most valuable asset= EMPLOYEES. Organizations can't grow, increase productivity and make more money if they have underperformers working for them. Here is a startling fact; most employees in today's economy go to work and do JUST ENOUGH to keep from getting fired, and most companies pay employees JUST ENOUGH to keep them from leaving. The time to break this vicious cycle is NOW. We can assist you in breaking this cycle by improving your hiring process, increasing accountability, establishing the proper reward systems, and promoting your staff to reach its full potential and take pride and ownership in their duties. Contact us for more details

The keys to successful recruitment – At the beginning of the recruitment process, it is very important that your organization carefully identify what its needs are, what personalities you have and what you desire in and out of a candidate. One of the most overlooked tasks that are missed by a great majority of recruiters and hiring managers is that that they fail to update the job descriptions to include a very detailed outline of the essential job functions, which the future employee is to perform. The new job description should include the Goals, Roles, Expectations, Abilities and Timeframes for the potential employee so that both the employee and employer know what's expected of THEM. Through our coaching programs, we assist our clients in preparing better job advertisements using a variety of enhanced markets, develop effective interview formats, understand the ethical and legal issues of the recruitment process, check references more effectively and bring the right talent into the organization while minimizing costly mistakes. Contact us for more details

Onboarding for comprehensive acclimation of new hires - Most employees end up leaving a job within their first 12-18 months of joining a new organization. Companies must realize that it is very costly to hire talent. In fact, it cost approximately three times the former employee's salary to replace them. Our on-boarding coaching program is designed for managers, executives and human resources officials to help you build and customize your onboarding program. We help clients see the fundamental differences between orientation programs and onboarding, and why it is vital to have both in place. If you want to dramatically increase the likelihood that a new employee will stay with your organization, you MUST implement a strong onboarding program and mentoring team that will guide the new employee through their first few months with the company. Contact us for more details

Workforce and strategic planning - Our Strategic Workforce Planning program is geared to help your organization and its leaders communicate the Goals, Roles, Expectations, Abilities, and Timeframes in a multi directional format; from the top down and from the bottom up. This approach fosters strategic planning and dialog throughout the organization. This type of planning helps the organization rebound when they lose employees because of retirements, downsizing, and transition and helps the organization sustain and maintain a balance so that growth and development continues. Areas of focus include but are not limited to technology, skill assessments, roles, responsibilities, communication, and proper alignment of goals. Contact us for more details

Restructuring and organizational design – A successful restructuring and organizational design program must begin with the end in mind. Executives and leadership must involve the organization as a whole and get everyone involved from the very beginning. Gone are the days where organizations can rearrange a few key names on the organizational flow chart and expect everyone else to get on board. In this economy the key leaders have to be able to make good decisions and align their vision up with the rest of the employees from the bottom to the top. Without good decision makers, involvement and communication, restructuring can lead to disaster. Our qualified team of professionals can help you facilitate the difficult conversations and manage the change so that it is a success for all involved. Contact us for more details

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Goal alignment – Great leaders help their employees set goals. Each employee up to and including the executive level staff should set both personal and professional goals. These goals should align with the organization's mission and vision and be structured so that individuals can hold themselves and each other accountable to achieve the desired result. We help our client's foster open communication and align their goals and values so that they can become more successful. Once they become successful at setting and achieving their goals, the organization will experience a dramatic increase in relationships, and profitability. Contact us for more details

Employee retention and engagement – Are your employees truly dedicated and committed to your organization. We can assist you in developing strategic programs that are designed to get your employees involved, motivated and content so that they can become more loyal and dedicated to making your organization a great place to work and grow. We help you put the systems and practices in place so that employees are rewarded and satisfied; once this happens, they can unleash their full potential. Contact us so that we can help you get your employees engaged.
Diversity and inclusion – Are you and your organization celebrating the cultural and generational differences that make up our workforce today? We have four generations in the workplace and a diverse group of individuals who are increasingly proud of their cultures, gender, sexual orientation, religious backgrounds, ethnicity and other characteristics that make them unique. If you and your organization are going to succeed, you must be able to celebrate and appreciate diversity and what it brings. This program is geared towards helping you understand and promote differences and diversity, identify your own personal stereotypes, identify and deal with inappropriate behavior, and prevent and deal with various types of discrimination. Contact us for more details

Conflict resolution training – Through our conflict resolution program, you will be able to define conflict, identify the various types of conflict and debunk the common myth that all conflict is negative. Participants will identify seven powerful steps to resolve conflict, use mediation and facilitation techniques along with non-verbal communication and activate strategic listening skills. Participants will also gain a better understanding of anger and its role in conflict as well as discover and evaluate your problem and conflict resolution styles. Contact us for more details

Career path development and succession management – The one constant in life is CHANGE, especially in the world of business. In today's tough economic times, our workforce is constantly evolving and changing. Organizations are being forced to be creative and do more with less; therefore our responsibilities and roles are constantly changing as well. Our succession planning coaching will help you make the most of change and transition within your organization by cross training and having a plan in place so that when an employee leaves, there is a replacement or plan of action already in place. Whether or not you currently have a succession plan in, we will help you develop, create, forecast and evaluate your plan and organizations future, so that change does not overtake you. Contact us for more details

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