Shawn is a highly sought after Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Entrepreneur and Author.  As the President of Shawn K. Woods and Associates; a leadership  development, talent management and executive coaching resource, Shawn and his team travels the country cultivating, inspiring and encouraging his audience to find their passion, execute their plans and make personal and professional decisions that will enhance and enrich their lives.  Through POWERFUL motivational messages shared in lectures, seminars, workshops and on-going coaching sessions, Shawn has been able to remove the fear of failure and rejection from the minds of individuals and empower them to find their passion and purpose in life, chase their dreams and REACH their Full Potential.  Allowing Shawn and his team of EXPERT Trainers, Facilitators and Coaches to motivate your teams can take your company to new heights by INCREASING Productivity, IMPROVING Communication and DECREASING Absenteeism and Turnover.  A few organizations that have benefited from Shawn K. Woods and Associates are: The United States Armed Forces, County of Cook Investigators and Administration, Indiana University, University of Dayton, Springfield Housing Authority, Indiana County Assessors Association, Police and Correctional Facilities and General Nutrition Center.  As a Coach, Mentor and Advisor to those who have been fortunate enough to attend one of Shawn’s dynamic speaking engagements, Shawn and his team have been able to nurture and motivate individuals, teams and organizations to follow their dreams, enhance their lives and perform at a higher level for success.  ARE YOU READY TO EXPERIENCE THE EMPOWERMENT THAT SHAWN K. WOODS and ASSOCIATES HAS TO OFFER?

Shawn’s Story:  Shawn is the youngest of eleven children.  He was raised in a dual parent household on the West Side of Chicago where drugs, gangs and violence were a dominant part of his everyday life.  Faced with difficult choices every day, some of his juvenile decisions eventually cost him several full ride scholarships to play Division I Football.  With the COURAGE to overcome his difficult childhood and a tough JOURNEY ahead of him, Shawn had one of two choices to make: 1) He could either be consumed by the temptations of the street life, which is seemingly a trap that a lot of young men fall into or 2) He could redirect his energy, make smarter personal and professional decisions in life and reshape his Future.  Shawn clearly chose the latter.
Shawn has since achieved great academic and professional successes.  His list of academic accomplishments include: an Associate Degree, a Bachelor of Arts Degree, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources.  During his pursuit of higher education, Shawn was as a Law Enforcement Officer and a Decorated Detective.  He has also held notable positions as an Assistant Director of Human Resources for the Board of Education as well as an Investigator for the Office of the Executive Inspector General for the State of Illinois.
In 2005, Shawn developed his own Real Estate Investment and Property Management Company.  With very little capital to fund his plan and a below average credit score, Shawn’s business strategy, leadership and drive has allowed him to acquire numerous properties in various states, as well as partner in several successful business ventures.

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