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At Shawn K. Woods & Associates, we offer a wide variety of programs and courses that can propel you and your organization to greater success. Our workshops can be customized to meet your specific needs and can be delivered virtually and/or in-person.  On this page you will find our most popular courses.  If you do not find the specific topic you are interested in Contact Us to have a custom program designed.

Effective Communication

Is your organization or team faced with challenges resulting from ineffective communication that have resulted in missed objectives, process failures and/or project delays?  Let us help you improve productivity, prevent misunderstandings, and improve working relationships by working with your teams on understanding and applying the principles of effective communication.  We help our clients communicate up, down and across the organization.

Our most popular courses below. Click on the title to see the course outline.

  • Communicate, Confidently – Anytime, Anywhere

  • Developing Effective and Assertive Communication Skills

  • Listening

  • Giving Feedback

  • Challenging Conversations

  • Conversational Capacity®

Conflict Management

Are you and/or your organization uncomfortable with conflict and try to avoid it as much as possible?  Are you limiting your success because you are afraid to ask tough questions?  For individuals and organizations to grow, healthy conflict is not only productive but necessary.  Conflict helps organization’s grow by offering differing opinions and challenges to current thinking, which drives the organization to perform better.  Let us build productive and healthy conflict for you and your organization in our Conflict Management courses. 

Our most popular courses below. Click on the title to see the course outline.

  • Dealing With Difficult People & Personalities

  • Conflict Management: Fostering Healthy Conflict to Drive Organizational Improvements

  • Everything DiSC Productive Conflict

Change Management

The one constant in life is CHANGE; therefore, learning how to embrace change is critical to being successful.  People who have an understanding of the dynamics of change are better equipped to analyze the factors impacting their circumstances and adopt practical strategies to deal with resistance.  In our Change Management workshops, participants can learn strategies to make change easier for themselves and others and develop techniques to cope and embrace change.  It is not the change that does us in it is the transition.  We will give you the tools necessary to make change productive.

Our most popular courses below. Click on the title to see the course outline.

  • Embracing Change – A Guide to Seeing Change Through

  • Leading Change: Driving Organizational Success

  • Leading People Through Change®

Customer Service

Organizations with a customer experience mindset drive higher revenues than their competitors.  Would you like to make your Customer Service organization your competitive advantage? A great customer service reputation can make an impactful difference in a competitive environment.  A training investment in your staff to deliver excellent customer service and support will also yield bottom-line results to your organization.  Through our workshops, your group will learn the skills necessary to deliver world class customer service.

Our most popular courses below. Click on the title to see the course outline.

  • Customer Service – A Good Attitude is Not Optional

  • Customer Service Excellence – Leading the Way

  • Legendary Service®


Looking to enhance your staff’s focus on diversity and inclusion?  Do you want to build a more inclusive culture?  The world today is a diverse collection of people with different beliefs and backgrounds.  The most successful organizations are those that reflect a myriad of beliefs and backgrounds same as the world.  Our interactive workshops help participants understand and confront their conscious and unconscious bias in order to be accepting of diversity and to enable a culture of inclusion.  We can help you instill, understand and embrace diversity and establish a culture of inclusion that will increase your organizational productivity and creativity.

Our most popular courses below. Click on the title to see the course outline.

  • Embracing Differences: A Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

  • Managing Multiple Generations in the Workplace

  • Building An Inclusive Culture

Our most popular courses below. Click on the title to see the course outline.

  • Breaking Down Silos – Building Cross Functional Collaboration

  • DISCovering Self and Others

  • Hiring the Best Candidate: Strategic Interviewing Skills

  • Motivate the Unmotivated

  • Leading Virtually in the New Workplace

Organizational Culture

Have you ever worked in an environment where people enjoyed coming to work?  Did you find that it was a very productive environment?  Having a happy and engaged workforce increases an organization’s bottom-line results, which is great for both the organization and its’ employees.  Let us assist you in building a high-octane organizational culture. We will help you identify the right talent to bring into the organization, create an inclusive work environment, increase employee engagement, and improve employee relations.

Management & Leadership Development

Are you looking to build a Top-notch Management and Leadership team?  Leadership is a journey, and many skills go into being an effective leader.  Whether you are new or have been in a leadership role for some time, there will always be opportunities to develop and improve. Let us help you develop the critical management & leadership skills in your teams that will enable organizational success.  We will help your talent accomplish their personal best and lead others to get extraordinary things done.   We will help your team overcome the limits that they place on themselves and accomplish their personal best while leading others to get extraordinary things done. 

Our most popular courses below.
Click on the title to see the course outline.

  • Problem Solving and Decision-Making

  • Developing Influence and Persuasion Power

  • Pushing the Envelope - Being Assertive

  • Coaching: Building Successful Future Leaders

  • Coaching Essentials®

  • Developing Your Facilitation Skills

  • Executing Effective and Efficient Meetings

  • New Manager Program: Developing the Skills You Need to Lead

  • Enhanced Leadership Skills – Becoming a Better Leader

  • Leadership for Managers: What All Leaders Should Know and Do

  • Lead on Purpose: Leadership Development Program

  • Power of Influence

  • Strategic Guide to Critical Thinking

  • First-time Manager - Blanchard Management Essentials

  • Building Trust

  • Team Leadership

  • Negotiation Skills – Get What You Want

  • Developing Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

  • Delegating – Increasing Productivity & Helping Other Grow

Team Building

Is your team not delivering their maximum results?  Are there challenges with collaboration, communication, and execution?  A principal building block of successful organizations are teams, and teamwork is essential to getting work done and seeing the desired results. Team building is about providing the skills, training, and resources that your people need so that they can work together effectively.  We help improve your team’s ability to work together and get things done.  Our workshops are designed to address the specific challenges your teams face. 

Our most popular courses below. Click on the title to see the course outline.

  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

  • Building High Performing Teams

  • Power of TEAM

Talent Management & Workforce Development

Employees are the driving force behind organizational success.  Just as you must perform maintenance to keep equipment performing at the highest level, you must do the same for employees and provide them with cutting edge training and development. You have the power to ignite the productivity of your people.  Let us help you build out a program that enables peak performance from your employees and continues to develop their talents.  We customize talent management programs that build and/or reinforce the skills of your staff.

Our most popular courses below. Click on the title to see the course outline.

  • Self-Leadership

  • Goal Setting for Success

  • Stop the Blame Game – Employee Accountability and Responsibility

  • Building Resilience in the Midst of Chaos

Investing in your sales personnel is an investment in the success of your organization. Through our sales training programs, Sales personnel sharpen and enhance their sales, influence, persuasion and communication skills.  We provide tools and techniques to help drive innovative sales methodologies which lead to accomplishing your sales goals.  Enable the success of your staff today through our training programs.

Our most popular courses below. Click on the title to see the course outline.

  • The Art of Negotiation

  • Strategies for Optimal Selling

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